18 Responses to “Brazilian Carnival Masks + Free Mafia Wars Loot”

  1. Seedorf says:

    Nice info bro.. is I’m the first :)
    Can I get free mafia wars loot? Actually I need attack on animals, but I will take 2 Jackal ATV.
    Thank in advance!!

  2. welly says:

    Good job bro ! Wa dukung terus blog bro ini…!! Oh ya,now moscow already closed it….Hahaha……!!

  3. shofie mapia says:

    TE O PE BE GE TE BRO……………. five thumbs 4 u

    • Lim says:

      thank sis.. nih ada oleh-oleh sedikit..
      [11:33] Sent 100(x) of 100 X-22 Peregrines(s) to mapia cilik
      [11:32] Sent 100(x) of 100 Bighorn Rams(s) to mapia cilik

  4. Hypher says:

    I need your help bro… send some..! thank you so much…

    • Lim says:

      sent some stuff bro..
      [11:43] Sent 100(x) of 100 Bighorn Rams(s) to Hypher
      [11:42] Sent 100(x) of 100 X-22 Peregrines(s) to Hypher
      thanks for visiting my blog..

  5. Rukhs says:

    Hi. Just sent u a friend request. Can I get 2 jackals? Thanks :)

  6. Thanks Broo, jika masih memiliki loot hadiah mohon dapat diberikan. Regards.

  7. David Daily says:

    Thanks for the info.
    You may also want to pass on to collect things like Sat Phones for the Bangkok missions you can get a friend to send you the needed number and then send them back. that way you do not have to wait since there is a daily limit.

    i would love 2 Jackal ATV

  8. Lim says:

    All free loot has been claimed. Thanks!


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